-Marshall Islands-


Dartmouth College’s Professor Andrew Garrod led the charge to put together the musical Oklahoma! at the International Conference Center in March 2017. As always, it was a huge hit and, luckily, teacher Brett Taylor and colleague Andrea Johnston filmed much of the show and Brett put together this video. Describing the play, he wrote: “The musical is played by talented students from all around Majuro, including some of my own. While everyone did such a fantastic job, my shout-out goes to my students: Jonathan Lang, Carlos Melejon, Jobod Silk, and Duke Gaston. Great job on such a great performance. Not only have you maintained keeping up with your work on this play, but you have maintained your work in the classroom as well, and for that I am proud.”

Brett teaches English at Majuro Baptist Christian Academy: “I am just finishing up my first year on Majuro and look forward to spending at least two more years here.”

FOOTNOTE: Oklahoma! features music by Richard Rodgers, the words and lyrics are by Oscar Hammerstein and the original dances are by Agnes De Mille.